How to Put Long Hair in a Swim Cap

If you’re a regular swimmer, a quality swim cap is an essential component of your uniform. Regardless of whether you’re hitting the pool competitively or as part of your fitness routine, a well-fitting swim cap can not only make you more hydrodynamic but also help protect your hair and ears from the damage that can be caused by highly chlorinated water. But for those swimmers who have especially long hair that they’re trying to protect, getting a swim cap on can be a bit of a battle. Follow these simple tips on how to put long hair in a swim cap, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to comfortably get your cap on in no time.


For those whose hair is long enough to put up, you’ll want to begin the process of getting your swim cap on by putting your hair up. Even putting your hair up in a simple ponytail will make it much easier to neatly gather all of your hair up and into your swim cap, but, if you have the time to do so, braiding it or putting it up into a bun will make things easiest. If you decide to go with anything other than a basic ponytail beneath your swim cap, just be sure to avoid using clips or bobby pins as these can poke holes in your cap.


As swim caps are designed to help you move well through water, getting your hair at least a little damp before attempting to put the cap over it is a crucial step. This tip for getting long hair in a swim cap will come as no surprise to anyone who has tried doing this with dry hair, which can be downright painful. Simply dampen your hair to help the cap slide on more easily. If you still end up having trouble, increase the wetness of your hair, or even add a small amount of conditioner to further slicken your hair.


Now that it’s time to put your cap on, you’ll want to stretch it as wide as you can before attempting to put it over your head and hair. While quality swim caps are highly pliable and durable, you’ll still want to be gentle during this step: Avoid quick, strong pulls of the cap and be sure that your nails don’t dig into the material. Many swimmers find it easiest to do this with both hands on the inside of the cap, pushing the cap outward to the side with the backs of their hands. Once you’ve got the cap stretched wide, lower it and catch the inside of the cap’s front on your forehead first, then quickly pull it toward the back of your head and over your hair. Sometimes—especially at first—this step might take a few tries to get right, but that’s all there is to it. Once the cap is over your hair, tuck in any loose strands of hair that you might have missed and try to ensure that the cap is sealed as tightly as possible.

As with anything in swimming, learning how to put your long hair in a swim cap will take a bit of practice to perfect. With the help of these simple tips and a bit of time, you’ll be able to get your cap on and get to the water in no time. To find the headwear that suits all your swimming needs, explore swim caps available from Speedo.